A market bag hanging on a chair at an eventA market bag hanging on a chair at an event
The ORIGINAL Apolis market bag

The Apolis® Surplus Market

The Apolis Surplus Market returns for 12 hours only! Get Early Access to enjoy best selling bags at a discount before the public.
Only one day per year - 6/30/24
8am - 8pm PST


Make it uniquely yours with personalized text.


Sustainably-built by working mothers in Bangladesh.


Designed to look chic and fashionable.

Apolis® Surplus Market
12 hours only, June 30

Allocation limit of 8 bags max to be sold to each shopper – so don't miss out! Plus, we'll be adding new bags throughout the day, so stay tuned! Please note to offer these prices – no VIP perks, no international shipping, no store credit, gift cards or free shipping codes are valid during this sale, all orders have a flat shipping fee.

A woman handing a gift bag to an attendee at an event

Only once a year

  • This is the only chance ot buy Apolis® bags at a discount all year long.
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A market bag holding gifts for an event

Limited Edition Styles

  • With artists + organizations
  • Only available for 12 hours
  • Only happens once a year.
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People sitting on a table enjoying friends with a market bag in front of them

Uniquely yours.

  • Stands out.
  • Looks exclusive.
  • Shows personality.
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People celebrating at an event with a customized market sitting at the center of the table

Makes an impact

  • Helps break a poverty cycle in Bangladesh
  • Provides fair wages, annual profit dividends & retirement fund
  • BCorp certified
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"No bag, thank you!"
Fits all the toys and snacks.
Bring a bottle or two.
Fits 120lbs of goodies.
Pass through security in style.
For events that need more joy!

Enjoying errands is easy...


Personalize it.

Easily add custom text.


Fill it up with stuff.

Carry up to 120lbs of goodies.


Turn heads.

Make your next outing a stylish one.
Don't Miss Out...
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I no longer need to worry about flimsy bags dropping my wine bottles. My Apolis bag is stylish, and strong...

Isabel • Mom and Entrepreneur
People leaving an event with their market bags

Never leave home without your bag.

No need to worry about flimsy bags dropping your stuff again.

  • Durable handles.
  • Water-resistant lining.
  • Lasts a lifetime.
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A customized market bag sitting on top of a table

Personalize today.
Get ready for the new year...

  • Add personalized text.
  • Perfect for yourself or as a gift.
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Turn heads, guaranteed!

Absolutely love the way you look and feel with your wine tote, or get your money back.

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Good for mothers and the environment.

Every market bag is handcrafted in Bangladesh by mothers who receive Fair Trade-certified wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund. It's also made to last! This water-resistant bag is made of natural jute fibre, generating more oxygen than any other Bangladeshi crop.

From 8am to 8pm, June 30.

Don't miss out! This ⚡ Only happens one itme per year


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